HyperFast Inner Circle

Start Learning. Start Earning.

We’re so happy you’ve taken the first step in reaching your fullest potential!

As part of our exclusive network of innovative, driven realtors like yourself, you have access to the same resources that our very own agents have been trained on. Including training videos and webinars posted weekly, a collaborative environment of your peers, and strategies we have tested and proven successful, you will see your business quickly grow!.

We are committed to and invested in you... are you?

Course curriculum

  • 1
    What To Expect
    • What to Expect
  • 2
    30 Day Checklist
    • 30-Day Checklist
    • Day 1: Join the Inner Circle FB Group
    • Day 2: Sign up on Thinkific
    • Day 3: Watch Bootcamp: Ylopo, Lab Coat Agents, and Top Agent Panel
    • Day 4: Watch Bootcamp: Billy Gene
    • Day 5: Watch Bootcamp: Grant Cardone
    • Day 6: Post A Sample Ad on FB Group
    • Day 7: Watch the Get the Needs Behind the Needs
    • Day 8: Watch the Be A Problem Solver
    • Day 9: Watch Get Clear Commitment that the Client Wants to Hire You
    • Day 10: Post A Question in the FB Group
    • Day 11: Review 1st Half of the Strategies and Tips Document
    • Day 12: Review the last half of the Strategies and Tips Document
    • Day 13: Review FB Group Posts and Give Feedback
    • Day 14: Share an insight with the FB Group
    • Day 15: Watch Keri's Buyer Webinar
    • Day 16: Share a Win on FB Group
    • Day 17: Review one of the past VIP calls
    • Day 18: Review Facebook Group Videos
    • Day 19: Review Appointment Setting Scripts
    • Day 20: Review the Reality Check Analysis Document
    • Day 21: Subscribe to our FREE Podcast The HyperFast Agent!
    • Day 22: Contact Us to Preview an Inner Circle Phone Call
    • Day 23: Ask the FB Group Another Question
    • Day 24: Get on Thinkific and Review the Courses that Interest You
    • Day 25: Study the Buyer Presentation
    • Day 26: Review the Content Calendar
    • Day 27: Check for Latest Newsletters
    • Day 28: Watch us on YouTube and listen to our Podcast
    • Day 29: Post another sample ad in the FB Group
    • Day 30: Declare a Goal
  • 3
    Monthly Content Calendar
    • September Social Media Calendar
  • 4
    Call: 8-7-19
    • Training New Agents
  • 5
    Call: 8-14-19
    • Reality Check
  • 6
    Call: 8-21-19
    • Becoming a Client Magnet
  • 7
    Call: 8-28-19
    • Buyer Client Q&A
  • 8
    Call: 9-4-19
    • Recruiting Done Right
  • 9
    Call: 9-11-19
    • What Came First: The ISA or the Leads?
  • 10
    Call: 9-25-19
    • Transactional & Financial Tracking
  • 11
    Call: 10-3-19
    • Lead Follow Up System
  • 12
    Call: 10-10-19
    • Generating Sign Call Leads
  • 13
    Call: 10-17-19
    • Tech Talk: Tools to Make Your Business Run Smoother
  • 14
    Call: 10-24-19
    • Return on Investment
  • 15
    Call: 10-31-19
    • Segment, Target, Position, and Win!
  • 16
    • More Effective Goals to Hit Your Goals
    • Wheel of Life
    • Reality Check Analysis
    • General Calling Scripts
    • Off-Market Tips
    • Quick Q&A for Listings
    • 100 Tips
    • Home Buying Seminar - Old Version
    • Home Buying Seminar - New Version
    • How to Win in a Competitive Situation
    • Buyer Presentation
  • 17
    Lead Generation
    • Open Houses
    • Social Media, Videos, Webinars
    • FSBO, Expireds and Withdrawns
  • 18
    Building a Team - Stephen Cooley
    • Recruiting
    • Hiring an Assistant
    • Onboarding and Training
    • Accountability
    • Creating a Winning Culture
  • 19
    Creating Raving Fans
    • Setting Expectations and Communication Touch Points
    • Follow Up Strategies
    • Client Gifting
    • Client Events
  • 20
    Speaker Videos and Transcripts
    • Q&A Session with Billy Gene
    • Gary Vee Podcast Script
    • Grant Cardone Podcast Script


  • Daniel Lesniak

    Real Estate Agent & Broker

    Daniel Lesniak

    Dan Lesniak began his career in real estate in 2012 after having successful careers both as a Naval Submarine Officer and Defense Contractor. His hyperlocal strategy led to one of the fastest starts in real estate with over $22 million in sales in his first year. Since 2012 Dan has gone on to create the Orange Line Living Team, a premier real estate group in the Washington, DC, area. In 2014 the team was ranked 4th in the world at Keller Williams. In 2015 the team merged with the Keri Shull Team to create Optime Realty, a brokerage co-founded by Dan and his wife, Keri. Since then the team has gone on to become one of the top 35 teams in the nation and number one in Virginia as ranked by Real Trends. Dan is an avid endurance athlete, having completed 13 marathons (including three Boston Marathons) and three Ironman triathlons. He lives in Arlington, VA, with his wife Keri, their son Braden, and daughter Kierra.
  • Keri Shull

    Real Estate Agent & Broker

    Keri Shull

    Keri Shull is one of America’s most successful real estate agents. Keri and her team have sold over $2B in real estate. She is growing her sphere of influence to stages around the world, is a renowned author and coach. As an entrepreneur, Keri has also started and invested in several other successful businesses.